Pacific Paradise Motel

Pacific Paradise Motel  is located on the Lini Highway just a couple of minutes from the airport 10 minutes to walk from town, around the Tebakor Area and right behind the Tebakor Shopping Centre.

The motel is managed by Patrick Cheung and Genna Pacamo

There are 19 rooms in total that can sleep up to 2 people and an extra bed can be fitted upon request. Rooms have ceiling fans and 12 are air-conditioned. A room is also arranged similar to a dormitory type that can sleep up to 3 people.

Facilities in the room consist of free coffee and tea, Color TV, Fridge, 24hr reception, Daily Housekeeping, wireless internet, ceiling fan in every room. Taxi, bus and Grocery at the front door of the motel. It is a self contained studio...

Security is provided during the night.

Accommodation varies from daily to long term.

Room rates are as follows:

Rooms with share toilet, kitchen, own terrace – Vt3,600/day
Dungeon room with toilet, no terrace - Vt2,500/day
Dungeon room with toilet and kitchen, no terrace - Vt3,600/day
Rooms with toilet, kitchen and terrace one person – Vt4,500/day
Ceiling fans in every room, an extra Vt1,000 for the air-conditioning

Group reservation and Long term - The prices are negotiable.

An air condition room is charged an extra Vt1,000/day. Payments can be made with credit cards and cash. Bookings are to be made in advance. All room payments have to be settled before room entry.